Fees & The Process

Everybody asks about fees and the process

  • each project will have a scope of work and a fee proposal for all professional services.
  • there are typical fee parameters and different means to derive them.
  • I don’t mark-up consultants fees, if we keep the contractual obligations clear.
  • sign contract, AIA standard documents, the scope is added to it.
  • develop the ‘schematic design’ with you as a partner.
  • everyone ‘signs off’ on the schematic design.
  • prelim cost estimate now, should be within 10%.
  • if prelim cost estimate is over your budget, then revise the design
  • start construction financing, if you haven’t already.
  • develop the construction documents, details and engineering now.
  • submit the construction documents to the municipality for permit review.
  • maybe other reviews too, like site plan, design review board, septic or utilities.
  • find someone to build it, I like to have them on-board early.
  • the builder picks up the ‘permitted drawings’.
  • ‘bid proposals’ from the builder –an architect can help you.
  • sign the construction contract….start construction!
  • an architect helps monitor the construction with the client.
  • ‘punch list’ –to do’s for the builder before final payment.
  • move in!!!


Do you need an ‘architect’?

  • architects are ‘registered’ with the State Board of Technical Regulations.
  • many people claim to be capable of designing your building or home.
  • you can even design your house yourself! I’ve helped people do it.
  • a building with public access/services almost always requires a registered architect.
  • your municipal/county/state building department determines who you are ‘required’ to use.